Review your plans and stay on track

As the 1 July 2017 is fast approaching and there have been numerous changes to superannuation.  These changes will have an impact on your retirement strategy and possibly the contributions that you make. Care needs to be taken to avoid contributing in excess to the levels – which will result in tax penalties.

West Currie Consultants has set aside a day for Robert Goudie – Financial Adviser to attend our Edenhope Office. 

As you have expressed concerns or raised issues regarding superannuation in the past, I thought it was an opportune time for you to attend a no obligation free service to review your situation and ask any questions or concerns regarding your superannuation, your retirement or transition to retirement.

See above, a flyer outlining when he is attending  - Please contact the Office as soon as possible to secure your appointment.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact this Office.